Saturday, December 27, 2008

A New Year 2009

Another year come and gone, It's been a while so I figure I'd better put something down...I'll try and get some pictures added here in a bit.

The older I get the longer the drive to Utah seems to take. Once you cross the Wyoming border I swear you pass through some invisible time portal that slows time down to a veritable crawl...If you ever wonder why it seems like the antelope are running faster than you are driving... it's because they are. (for some reason they aren't caught in the time warp.) Even though your speedometer shows that you are going 80 mph you could actually get out and walk wonder it took the pioneers so long to cross the plains...they went through Wyoming, otherwise they would have reached Salt Lake a month earlier.

One of the side effects of slowing down time so dramatically is that the gentle breezes that normally grace the rolling plains of Wyoming turn into raging gale force winds that threaten to blow you completley off the road at any given moment, (The Tornado that blew Dorthy into the land of Oz was just a breeze that escaped from Wyoming) If you ever wonder where the ridges on steering wheels come from it's from people who drove through Wyoming with a death grip on the steering wheel trying to stay out of the land of OZ.

But despite the dangers we took a trip to Utah the first week of January so Stephen could see both his Grandparents, and everyone else before he leaves..while we were there we went with him to the Mount Timpanogos Temple with most of his Aunts and Uncles, It was a great experience. We also made a quick trip up to Brigham City where they have a missionary clothing store and we were able to get 90% of everything he needs to take with him to Brazil. (So aside from a few miscellanious items I thing we have everything put together now). All his paperwork is turned in, so were pretty much just waiting for his Passport and Visa to come back, We need to get his drivers lisence renewed so it won't expire when he's out there, and we still need to set up a joint debit account so we can send him money if emergencies arise. He leaves Feb 17th, and if anyone who is interested he will be speaking in Church on the 15th of Feb, we will be having an Open House at Noon for anyone who wants to stop by and wish him well.