Thursday, February 25, 2010

Milk and Cereal for 21st Anniversary

Yesterday was our 21st Anniversary, and we spent most of the night shopping for Milk and Cereal(Don't worry were going out to celebrate next week)... I'm guessing like most of you, we try to save a buck werever we can...and we did pretty good this week. King Super's is having a sale were if you buy 4 boxes of cereal (Kellogs Brand) for 6 dollars you get 2 Gallons of Milk for free.

When I saw the add I showed it to Randie and after running some errands we stopped and got 4 boxes and 2 gallons of milk, sure enouph when we went through the checkout it rang up for $6.00 Thats not to bad at all.

What the add didn't say is that you also got a store coupon with your reciept for $3.00 off your next purchase.

I'm not a rocket scientist but the little light that is in there clicked on...if we go back and get 4 more boxes and 2 more gallons then we would get another $3.00 coupon, which means we could get the next 4 boxes and two gallons for free.

You know what? It worked... So when it was all said and done we ended up with 20 boxes of cereal and 10 Gallons of milk (we gave 4 of the gallons to a neighbor)for a grand Total of $22.00

You might ask, What will you do with 6 Gallons of Milk, (It just seems to disapear magically). I figured out tonight that we go through about 5 Gallons of milk every week.. you would think with 5 people that would work out nicely to 1 gallon per person, in reality I think Randie and Stephen dring 2 gallons each and Sarah, me and Justin drink the other gallon.

I ran some numbers just for fun. We'll say that milk averages $2.50 a gallon, thats $10.00 a week, or $40.00 a month, or $480.00 a year (Holy COW), How much does a cow cost anyway?

I looked it up and I could probably get one for around $600-700, average milk from a cow is anywere from 6 to 10 gallons a day, or course the kids would REALLY complain about cleaning up after it, (they complain about picking up after Jake our miniature schnauzer as it is now), and we would have to move, I don't think the neighbors would believe it was an overgrown greyhound for very long, and we would probably need about 4 acres for alphalfa, a tractor, combine, hay baler....

I figure I can pay up to $10.00 a gallon for milk and it would still be worth while. So when I can get it for Free it's a pretty good Anniversary.