Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Stimulus Package

With everyone tightening their belts and the economy headed the way it is, you have to wonder if the Stimulus package actually did anything or not. I realized today that it did.

A few weeks ago I started baking bread about every other day... I "thought" it was because the weather was getting colder, and it's just nice to have warm bread and a warm kitchen when it's cold outside, but I realized the real reason tonight. I realized how nice it's been not to have to buy bread, and I started running the numbers in my head... We probably go through 3-4 loaves a week, at $1.50 a loaf that's about $6.00 a week or $24.00 a month, or $288.00 a year....that's a good chunk of change.

I had just been "stimulated" to bake bread to offset the rising cost of living...and I'm betting LOTS of other people have been similarly stimulated. So in honor of the Stimulus package, I'm going to call it "Obama Bread" and each time I take a bite...I get a little more satisfaction.