Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sonya LeBaron

Time moves continually forward day after day, and for the most part we pay it no mind. Perhaps it's because of the steady rate at which it moves that we often lose interest and only glance up occasionally to note its passing, in those moments when we do take notice, often so much time has passed that we get the illusion that it has sped up and somehow sneaked past us without our knowledge.

Haply or not we are sometimes forced to take notice of it's passing and in shock we find that we are looking at empty pages in our book of life, that otherwise might have been filled if we had only been more aware.

Time is a treasure most often disregarded, and then most often wished for when we find it is gone.

Yesterday my "Sister in Law" died unexpectedly (such a generic description for someone who was never close to being generic) in all truth Sonya was more of a Sister, and a friend, and her presence will be greatly missed.

Before yesterday we had the option of looking forward, (at least in this life) to a continued friendship, now we are forced to only look back at what we had, and wish that we had more.

I pay tribute to an amazing woman who touched many lives, who touched my life, someone who loved life and who always welcomed us into her home when we came to visit. She was one of the few modern day pioneer's that I have known, and like all who knew her I will miss her greatly.

My prayers are with my brother, and my nieces and nephews; I know their loss will be much greater than mine.

I am so grateful for a loving Savior, who paved the way for life after this earthly existence to continue, that loss can become gain once more, and that death can be overcome, and friendships can be renewed, and continued.

Goodbye Sonya for now... I will wait patiently for the day that we can resume our friendship once more... until then your friend, Rich