Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Yeah!...Summer is here

Yes, I'm finally updating my blog, I think that sometimes life is like a whirlpool (No, not that it sucks) but it spins you around so fast that by the time your head stops spinning you realize it's been a month or 3 since you last updated your blog.

We just recently returned from a LeBaron Family Reunion, (it's the first in about 10 years) and It was nice to see cousins and more cousins, and then a couple more cousins....all together they estimated that there were 250+ LeBaron's running around American Fork Canyon. Actually we were all in a lodge because of the rain and it was pretty least claustrophobia doesn't run in our family.

On the way home coming up out of Provo Canyon there were some really nice cloud formations especially by Deer Creek....I took about 16 pictures and compiled them all together into the picture below.

My Garden is all in, and doing well, I'll post some pictures when it gets a little more established.

The kids are going every direction...I think Justin is gone as much as he's home this summer with EFY (Especially for Youth), High Adventure Camp (which he's on right now) and The Trek (Re inaction of the Pioneer Handcart company crossing Wyoming) Plus the Family reunion, and the upcoming Breinholt Reunion next week, He's got a full summer.

I'll try and be more diligent, because it is nice to have this as a "historical reference" to show that we have done and are actually doing things.

I was recently asked to teach the Gospel Doctrine class (Adult Sunday School Class) which I really enjoy, it helps keep me grounded and realize whats important in life.

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~Nita said...

Hey! Good to see you posting again! You know, your blogs are like a birdfeeder...once you start feedin' the lil buggers they keep coming back! Forget to put food out and we keep coming back anyway wonderin' "Now where did that (blog) birdfood go?"

Chirp! Chirp!
Keep 'em comin'....but at your leisure Rich, at YOUR leisure.