Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Sarah's Birthday Cake

Sarah since her youth has always maintained the idea that she is a Princess... I still remember running all over Disneyland when she was six, so we could get pictures of her with ALL the Princess's.  Somehow  as they get older though that terminology seems to take on a negative connotation (despite the best efforts of Disney).  I guess it's OK to be a Princess when your five or six, but after that apparently it's not considered acceptable...  Apparently when your older you can't be a Princess and still be a nice person, personally as long as Sarah stays the kind sweet young woman that she is, she can consider herself a princess for as long as she wants... and who know's,  if it eventually helps her find her prince charming, then more power to her... either way she will always be a princess to her mother an me.

She has always liked the movie Tangled, so I decided to see if I could make a "Rapunzel's tower" cake, I looked on line, to see what might be out there, but didn't really see anything that I liked, so I got a few pictures from the movie, and figured it out on my own.  I wasn't to concerned with the tower part itself, but I didn't know how the whole "house" at the top would come together... overall it turned out much better than I thought it would, and the important thing is Sarah loved it.

So to my 15 year old Princess... "Happy Birthday" Sarah... may all your birthdays remind you of the person you want to be..

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Mirm said...

So you're saying I need to find a hobby, huh?