Sunday, June 15, 2008

Car Accident

Whenever the phone rings on Sunday morning It always makes me a little bit nervous, Usually it's someone from church who needs a last minute substitute for their primary or Sunday school class...or the Bishop want's you to talk in Sacrement meeting.

That was the first thing that went through my mind when the phone rang this morning, then I saw that it was Stephen calling, and I thought "whew, It's just Stephen"... however, the first thing he said is "Brady and I were just in an accident"...then all sorts of things went flashing through my mind...horrible things...the one good thing I thought was that at least it wasn't someone else calling to say that Stephen was in an accident...that would have been worse.
After making sure that they were both OK, I had him fill me in on what happened.

Stephen and Brady both work at one of the local golf courses, it's about 20Min's from our house and they take turns driving to save gas...Today it was Brady's turn to drive (they have to work every other Sunday from 5:00 am to 10:00 am, and then work full time during the week) they were on their way home and Stephen had fallen asleep (he was the passenger), unfortunatley Brady fell asleep also...Stephen woke up just after they went off the rode, when he realized what was happening he yelled at Brady, and then noticed they were headed straight for a light pole...Brady woke up and swerved, but it was to late to avoid hitting the pole...they did turn enough that they didn't hit it straight on but they still hit hard on the passenger side.

They both had their seat belts on (all of that yelling at them in the car for the past 18 years to put their seat belts on paid off) If they didn't they probably wouldn't have made it, they were going about 45 mph when they hit the light pole, and it totaled the car.

We feel very blessed that no one was hurt, they were both pretty shaken up, but it will end up being a good experience...allot of life's lessons aren't this painless...we are counting our blessings today.


Vishous said...

Wow - Your family has bad luck with the whole car accident thing. I am glad to hear Stephen and Brady are doing ok. Thats what matters the most!

Mirm said...

Now that is advertisement for your blog... John was reading it to me this morning and I just can't believe that no one in my family told me. That is why I am glad you are blogging. Tell Stephen someone is really wanting him to get on his mission. Love ya

~Nita said...

Thank God everyone was/is OK. When our kids begin to taste and experience 'adulthood' and all that entails, it's a never-ending panic and prayer-fest it seems. Praise God for sending his angels around those two blessed kids.

Your friend on GW

Richard C said...

It is wonderful that you have this blog!!
When you live so far from your siblings and parents, it gives us an little peak into what is transpiring in your interesting world.