Saturday, June 7, 2008

Aaron's Camp

Every two years the boys have the opportunity to attend a church sponsored, week long "High Adventure Camp". The neat thing about it is that the whole camping experience is designed around gospel principles to help the boys feel the spirit, while at the same time doing all the fun things that boys like to do.

So for the past week it's been pretty quite around our house with just me, Randie, and Sarah...(although Sarah isn't short in making her own fair share of noise sometimes).

The other big difference we noticed is that our food bill dropped WAY DOWN, I have no idea where they put it all. All I know is I buy it, and it just disappears into thin air. I have learned that besides the handful of items that they won't eat...Like Swiss Cheese, etc, that if there is something I want to make sure I can snack on in a few days, I have to hide them in strategic places around the house...then if I don't forget that I've hidden something there, I'm not looking at the bottom of an empty snack box when I get the munchies.

The boys got back this afternoon, and said they had a wonderful time, they did a 12 mile Mountain bike ride, an obstacle course, a High ropes course, (they didn't get to do repelling this year as they got rained out that day), and several other activities.

Every morning they had a devotional, at the end of the camp one of the highlights is the "Solo Experience" (before they leave, the adult leaders have all the parents write a letter to their son(s), and the boys are given the letters at this time) they go out into the woods and find a quite place were they can be alone and read the letters, and think about life for a while....obviously some get more out of it than others, but it is a great time for me as a Father to tell my son's how much I love them, and let them know how proud I am of them.

Because this was Stephen's last year, he was one of the youth leaders, and got to conduct most of the devotionals and give several talks.

It's an amazing thing to watch my son's mature and turn into men... I'm so grateful that they get to have experiences like this....Next year Justin gets to go on the "Pioneer Trek" and I know he's looking forward to that also.

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