Friday, July 18, 2008

Soccer Visit

Randie's nephew Chris ended up playing in a soccer tournament, and as luck would have it they ended up holding it right here in the Springs. We love it when family comes to visit because it's just our family and theirs....unlike when we go home and it's our family and 11 other family's. (not that we don't like to go home...we do. Sometimes though we get pulled in so many directions that we don't get much 1:1 time with anyone.)

The Tournament was held at the Air Force Academy, which is right at the foot of the mountains, and you can look out over the whole valley...very inspiring.

Chris's team the Rangers did exceptionally well and made it to the Championship match, which unfortunately they lost (the officiating left a little to be desired) and they ended up taking 2nd place.

It worked out well for us though, because our families got to spend some time together...Hopefully they will have another tournament here again in the future.

...I bet you can't guess who the soccer player is

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Tricia said...

It was a ton of FUN... we're hoping to do it again next summer, so one year and counting!