Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Utah, the Final Frontier

We just recently returned from our yearly pilgrimage to visit the place of our birth, and revisit our roots. With the rising cost of gas we were a little concerned about the cost of driving, normally it costs us just under $200.00 to make the 1200 mile round trip. This time it was $260.00 (it wasn't as bad as I initially thought it would be) the average price we paid was around $4.00/gal.

This year we had the added bonus of getting to see my Sister Melanie, who came in from Florida, it's been 3-4 years since the last time I saw her and her family. Plus my youngest sister Becky had just given birth to twins just before we came out...so there was a lot going on... and since both of our families live in the same city, It quickly turns into a whirlwind, and by the time it's over your head is spinning so fast, you can't remember what's next.

All in all it was a great trip... we are looking forward to doing it again in November when Stephen leaves on his mission.

Here's a quick recap
  • 10 hour drive to get there
  • LeBaron family get together
  • Local swimming pool with Ron and his family
  • Short visit with Becky to see the twins
  • 2nd LeBaron family get together
  • Fireworks outside the Stadium
  • Baptism of Randie's Niece
  • Breinholt get together at Jodie's
  • Water sports with David (no one died)
  • Boys went Dirt Biking (still no deaths)
  • 10 hour drive home (me and Stephen... Randie, Justin, and Sarah stayed)
  • Camping with Breinholts
  • Kids went to Movie's to see Walle
  • other various visits and activity's
  • Randie, Justin and Sarah flew home
A few pictures...

The Twins

Fireworks on the 4th



Vishous said...

I like the photo shopped end result of the swimming pictures. I am glad you guys came out. I miss you already!

Mirm said...

Pictures of the twins are adorable. Good job on moving objects. See post down below to understand. Family photos turned out great also. Miss ya and love ya