Monday, September 29, 2008


Yes, Justin went to Homecoming this year, (His first Semi-Formal Date). He asked Jenny Miller if she would go with him, and of course she said yes. He ended up opting for the Teddy Bear/Note on the porch approach, and since it was also her birthday threw in some roses as well. She answered with the classic hidden message in the cupcake, and it was all good.

They ended up doing a Group date with 3 other couples, and had planned on going miniature golfing, but the weather didn't want to cooperate, so they changed horses mid stream, and decided to come over to our house to play games, but one of the couples ended up being 1/2 hour late, so they pretty much just hung out and chatted until it was time to go to dinner at one of the other parents homes, were they were waited on by siblings.

After dinner they were going to come back over to our house and make cookies, but it got to late to fast, and they ended up just going to the dance.

The dances at the school are just not good...I could be more detailed but don't want to offend any ones sensibilities... The guys had previously decorated another parents basement and then joined up with another 4 couples and had the dance there....that way they had control over the music, refreshments, atmosphere etc.

Justin had a great time...and I'm sure we will be seeing Jenny again.

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Vishous said...

Oh wow, remind me not to go dress shopping in the big C.S.

ha ha