Tuesday, September 30, 2008

No It's Not Halloween yet!

No...that's not grey hair...well maybe just a couple are, (shh...we won't mention that to Randie)

A few weeks ago the Relief Society had "Fabulous Friday", it's basically the same as "Super Saturday", or "Wonderful Wednesday"... anyway all the women in the ward get together for a Huge blowout Craft night, of chatting, and treats. Since Randie is the Coordinator of all that, she spent quite a bit of time putting it all together. I must say I was impressed with how she dealt with all the logistics. It's not an easy task putting together something that large for 60-80 women.

One of the Crafts was "Picture Blocks" where you take 3 large blocks and put pictures on all 6 sides of each Block then stack them strategically somewhere in your house for people to ooh and aah over. (They really do turn out pretty nice.)

The person who was going to cut out and sand all the blocks fell through, so Randie and I (and a couple other women) ended up doing 200+ blocks ourselves.

Can I just say my wife is amazing...(Even when she looks like she just walked out of a sandstorm)


Tricia said...

Ohhhhhh.... I so want some of those!
You're right, though, Randie is amazing... and has awesome talent!

Mirm said...

Wow what have you done to your wife?
That actually gives me the itch to get out and get some projects done. Ohhh never mind I just sat down. Ha Ha