Saturday, October 11, 2008

Fall Garden and Man Tomato's

There is supposed to be a Hard Freeze tonight, (which is about 2 weeks earlier than normal), So I blew out the sprinklers, and brought all the tomato's that were still on the vine into the Garage, where I hung them up to see if any would still ripen on their own.

We had a great garden this year...LOT's of zuccini and summer year I'm just putting in one squash...they are just to prolific and they take up to much room...(we still have shredded zuccini in the freezer from last year) The Corn was fantastic, and we had enough tomato's to keep me happy most of the summer, I even made some homeade maranara sauce for dinner the other night and it was really good.
I didn't realize that there were Male and Female tomato plants...I guess I got the Male ones this year.

Anyway, I'm sad to see it year I think we will be ready for another go at the Giant pumpkin...

So many things to do...and just not nearly enouph time or money.


~Nita said...

Male tomatoes, indeed, LOL!
Very good pix with your blog, Rich...thanks for sending to me and please continue to do so.


Sonya said...

I cannot tell you how disturbed I am right now!

P.S Jonathan says it's just nasty!

Tricia said...

It's a boy!
I don't know if I should congratulate you.... or let you know that it's just wrong on so many different levels????