Saturday, May 31, 2008

Stephen's Last Fling

You know how you get into an elevator and there's a little sign on the wall that says Maximum Occupancy 10 people or 1200 lbs...We need to put a sign like that on our door frame...I lost count at around was kind of like trying to count fish in a barrel, they just wouldn't hold still. I guess I could have stood at the front door with a counter and clicked them off as they came in, but it wouldn't have mattered, because I'm sure some snuck in the back door.

I was a little apprehensive about Stephen's party, I think the largest number of people we've ever had in our home is 10 or 11, and those were mostly adults. I knew that Stephen had invited at least 20 people, and there was a good chance they would bring friends.

Stephen was a little nervous as well...I mean you send out all those invitations and no one shows up...that could severely impact your social standing....the party started at 6:00 and by 6:30 there were only 3 people and you could see the stress starting to build...but by 7:00 there was pretty much a line at the door.

I'm sure we broke some noise ordinance in our neighborhood...imagine 16-18 teenage girls all talking at once, and each trying to talk above the others....oh my goodness..can you say "TYLENOL"

In reality it all turned out wonderfully...It was really nice to have all of Stephen's friends over and see what great kids they were. They laughed, played some games, and mostly just visited with each other, and ate our food (we had plenty)...You can't ask for much more than good friends for you kids...and tonight brought home how true that is!

I managed to round up about half of them in the basement at once and snapped the picture below.

P.S. house is still standing...


Vishous said...

Aww look... our little Stephen is growing up! Next thing I know, he will be back from his mission and married! Ahh!

Mirm said...

Proud of you for holding it together to blog about. Did you read the label on the tylenol bottle. I'm pretty sure it says take two and then procede to take 2more every 15 minutes.... I will check and get back with you. Yep it does!!!