Thursday, November 6, 2008

Is Portugeuse the same as Spanish

Stephen received his mission call in the mail today...He will be going to MACIEO BRAZIL, He is pretty excited. Brazil has it's own Mission Training Center in Sao Paulo and he will be flying directly there from here. He leaves February 18 and will be serving for 24 months.

Here are some pictures and a map of his mission that came with his call, we will keep you updated as we receive more information



Mirm said...

We are soooo excited for him. Sad that you won't be coming to Utah to drop him off though. Hopefullly we will still see you sooner than later. Love ya and CONGRATS STEPHAN

Tricia said...

So super awesome! We are way excited for you, Stephen... and know that you are going to be great out there!

Tricia said...

Tell Randie to go read the comments on my last post dedicated to Stephen... she can connect with an old friend!

Vishous said...

I love Stephen so much it will be hard to see him go. What he is about to do is amazing and takes courage.

I'm so proud of him

Sonya said...

Some how it is hard to put the memories of this little 8 month old who loved Rachel sooo much that he left his teeth marks on her gums:), and now to see him a Young Man and ready to serve his Heavenly Father.

We love you Stephen and are so very proud of your choices that led you to here. Thank you for your wonderful example.

Uncle Ron, Aunt Sonya, Alyssa, Jonthan and Matthew.