Thursday, May 22, 2008

Blog Theory

My theary on blogs up to this point in my life is that they are pretty much pointless...people rambling incessantly about their pet peeves and soapboxing about their current conspiracy theory...however my perspective is changing and I guess like anything in life, when used in the right context they can actually be quite informative and a good way to stay connected. (Thanks Mirm for opening my eyes.)...So on that note... "Welcome to my Blog"

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Miriam said...

I knew the little sis could talk some sense into SOMEONE. Little did I know it would be my wiser, taller, smarter, (not prettier) but who's looking brother that would take my advice. Thanks for making me smile and having John watch me as I was doing the victory dance next to the computer. Wahooo, ahaaaw, Yeahhhh. Love ya Bro.