Thursday, May 22, 2008

Graduate at Large

Yes, it has finally happened, Stephen has graduated from High School...for those of you that have not experienced the thrill of sitting through 3 hours of commencement speeches, musical numbers and other sundry performances, in seats designed for kindergartners, you will get your turn someday, and to help you out here is my list of the "Top 10 things you should know to prepare for a graduating Student"
  • 10 Mom's it is NOT the end...It's just another Beginning

  • 9 They will still ask for money AFTER Graduation

  • 8 Get a list of Dates and times for Any and All Tests...because your child will invariably miss one of them

  • 7 Set aside $20 for lost book fee's so they can get their diploma

  • 6 Set aside $85 for each AP class that they will fail (fingers are still crossed)

  • 5 Set aside $60 for Yearbook

  • 4 Bring snacks for younger siblings

  • 3 Bring your camera, this IS a once in a lifetime moment

  • 2 Bring seat cushion, It WILL help

  • 1 Bring Kleenex for the 35 seconds that it takes them to walk across the stage.
I have to say that I couldn't be a prouder Parent, you watch your kids go through life and you worry about all the mistakes they make, and you cheer them when they do something right, you argue with them, plead with them, and sometimes you get to just talk with them. and then all of a sudden they are aren't really kids really is an amazing transformation. Congratulations Stephen!


Vishous said...

Oh man, I think my parents had to spend a lot more on me than that...haha. Welcome to the blog world, you will love it!

Miriam said...

Love the David Letterman countdown!! A box of kleenex for 35 seconds had to be for Randie. KEE KEE. I don't think Dad or Mom cried at mine. I'm sure Dad was bobbing his head trying to pretend he was awake, while Mom pulls out her insulin and jabs herself in the stomach, thigh, whatever part hasn't been hit yet. Those are the memories I will remember.
Congrats Stephen!!! It only gets better.